What is included in your car rental:

  • Rental Rates & VAT
  • Theft Protection (TP)
  • All taxes (VAT & local)
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) with excess
  • Unlimited mileage/kilometers
for rentals of 3 days and more
  • 24h free of charge Roadside Assistance
  • Third Party Liability Insurance (LI)
  • Road Tax


What is NOT included in your car rental:

Your fuel,

Highway tolls and fines,

Traffic and parking violation fines.


More about the Insurance:

Third Party liability insurance (LI): Protects you for liability for material damages or

corporal injuries to any third party up to the amount of 1.220.000 EUR per accident.

Theft Protection (TP): Covers you against theft of the rental car (with excess).

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): Covers you for damage to your rental car (with excess).

CDW does not cover wheels and tires, undercarriage and glass breakage (see EXTRAS).

Excess(or deductible): the amount NOT covered by insurance in case of loss or damage or theft of your rental car. This amount equals to the first 620 EUR in case of damage or theft.



An additional Insurance Coverage (Super-CDW) or an extra Driver, or child seat(s) or a GPS-Navigator can be purchased directly through the reservation form. Any of these extras can be added later on provided the required items are still available.


Driver age and Driving License:

The minimum age for any driver is 23 years. Maximum age for a driver 78 years.

The driver(s) must hold a valid driving license for passenger cars (category B) for a minimum of 1 year and no major restrictions.

Driving licenses issued in the European Union/Switzerland/Norway/Russia and other Countries that have ratified the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic are accepted provided they are written with Latin characters. United States, Canada and Australia driving licenses are accepted.  All other driving license must be complemented by an International Driving Permit.


Ferrying of the car:

It is not allowed without our written permission. The collision insurance (CDW) does not apply while the rented car is on a ferry. If the renter takes the car on a ferry he/she does so on his/her own risk.

It should also be noted that in some islands there is no road assistance available.


Crossing the border:

Crossing the border is not allowed. In case of breach of Cross Border restrictions all insurance lose their validity.


One-Way rentals:

This website provides the possibility for rentals that start and end in the same city. For example Athens to Athens or Athens Airport to Athens city, or Port Piraeus to Athens Airport. If you are interested in renting in one city and returning to another, for example Athens Airport to Thessaloniki Airport, please contact us by e-mail or telephone for a quote. Returning to a different city than the one prescribed in the reservation or rental agreement will be charged accordingly.


Office hours:

Our office hours are  08:00-21:00  7 days a week. Any service outside these hours is charged with the amount of 27 EUR. When you request an offer where outside-office-hours service is required, our offer always includes this extra charge and you will not be asked to pay anything more. However, any deviation from the confirmed pick up or return hours will incur extra charges and if our station is closed we will not be held responsible. So it is advised that we are informed ahead of time of any such timetable changes by any means of contact (e-mail, phone, fax).



All payments on our website or otherwise are processed in Euros. Our website will accept the following cards (credit, debit and prepaid alike): VISA, MASTERCARD, EUROCARD.

When paying on land, we will accept VISA, MASTERCARD, EUROCARD and cash.

For the rental, a valid credit card (not prepaid or debit) in the name of the main driver must be presented for the guarantee. An amount equal to the excess will be reserved as guarantee and will be released after the end of the rental provided no damage or theft has occurred (Look in the EXTRAS for our additional cover that will lower or eliminate the excess with an extra cost).


Modifying your reservation:

It is possible to modify your reservation free of charge via this site. You can also modify your reservation by contacting our office by e-mail or fax. Although modifying your reservation is free of charge, there may be a cost increase (or decline) depending on seasonality, duration of rental or car availability.


Cancellation Policy:

Free of Charge (except for the reservation deposit) if the cancellation is made 48 hours before the date of the start of the rental. Cancellation made less than 48 hours prior to the start of the rental incurs a penalty equal to the cost of a 3 day rental. A cancellation is possible via this site or by e-mail, post of fax.       There will be no refund in case of NO SHOW or no presentation of the required documentation (driving license, passport or ID card, credit card).   CANCELLATION DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS WILL NOT INCUR A LOSS OF THE DOWNPAYMENT WHICH INSTEAD CAN BE USED FOR A FUTURE RESERVATION.


Company Registration Details:

CAPITAL RENT-A-CAR, registered trademark of E.MI.A. S.A., registered office at 14 Syngrou Avenue, Athens 11742 Greece, company number 2244301000, tax number EL 094474162.  NATIONAL TOURISM ORGANIZATION  NUMBER MHTE 0206E81000532300.